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what to wear for graduation?

that time has come again! grad season is here! first let’s start by congratulating the 2016 graduates. with graduation coming up in a few weeks, you need to begin to make decisions about what the heck you are going to wear! luckily your friends over here at the buckhead betties have a little inspiration for you.

graduation season begins in may and usually concludes mid-june, so you know in the south, the weather could easily reach the high 90s on any given day. the key is to keep it cool, but also keep it cute! your best bet is to purchase dresses and skirt sets made with lightweight, breathable fabrics. luckily, our fabrics are just that!

make sure you check out www.thebuckheadbetties.com to get pick out the perfect graduation dress from our new arrivals for the spring season! i can almost guarantee that you will find the perfect dress for you special day!

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