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dos and donts: guide to mother’s day shopping

with mother’s day right around the corner, we figured we’d share some our do’s and don’ts for mother’s day shopping! you might want to grab a post-it and a pencil to take notes.

here are the things you do want to do in regards to mother’s day shopping:

do get a head start on your shopping! starting out early is a great idea! plan to go out to the malls about 2-4 months in advance to browse the market. what is out right now? what is popular? how much do these things cost? how much do you need to save? what do you think she would like? it doesn’t hurt to at least go out and get a feel for what you might want or need to get.

do sign up for email lists of department stores, online boutiques, (and of course, the buckhead betties!). keep calm, you can always unsubscribe after the mother’s day season is up! by joining the email lists of stores and boutiques, you are constantly updated on sale items and new arrivals!

do listen to the things that the mothers have mentioned they want or need to have. i think we can all agree betties! when we want something, whether it’s for a birthday, anniversary, or christmas… we make it known what we have in mind. so take note of mom’s subtle (or in most cases unsubtle) mentions of the things she’s seen at the mall or online. also pay attention to things that you think would be beneficial or useful to her.

do purchase a card along with your gift. pairing a mother’s day card with your mother’s day gift is a must! the card further explains the love and appreciation you have for your mother/aunt/sister etc. cards are a great way of communicating the things you aren’t good at saying.

do consider spa gift certificates. if you find yourself stuck trying to figure out what you’re going to get for the mothers in your life, you might want to consider getting gift certificates to the spa. you can gift different services within the spa, so that each woman doesn’t receive the same gift. for example: you can gift a mani/pedi, a facial, body massage and then a foot massage. what mother out there wouldn’t love to be pampered?!

do ask for a gift receipt. now there are some cases where the gift you gave someone needed to be taken back to the store or exchanged. perhaps it’s too small, too big, they’ve received two of the same thing or would like a different color. gift receipts are perfect because it doesn’t show the cost of the item but it can be used to make returns.

now, while there is plenty of things that you would want to do, there are several things that you don’t want to do.

don’t give generic gift cards. on a day like mother’s day, gift cards are not going to cut it! there needs to be actual thought that goes into showing your love, admiration and appreciation for the mothers in your life. gift cards are easy and convenient… and in this case, that’s not exactly a good thing!

don’t re-gift something that was given to you previously. self-explanatory… just don’t! if you don’t love a gift that was given to you, don’t just throw it to the next person on your list. mother’s day is a time to get something that really says, “i thought of you, and you’re special to me!”

don’t a leave price tags on items. don’t do it, its tacky! you don’t need to show how much you spent on the gift. besides, if you followed our rules up top, you may have found a great deal on an item!

don’t buy each mother the same gift. it shows no thought! no mother is just like the other, so make sure the gift reflects who you think they are as a mom. women want to feel special on this day. switch it up, have variations of similar gifts… just don’t gift the exact same thing.

don’t go shopping with your personal likes in mind. no matter if you are a mother yourself, you are not shopping for yourself! don’t let your personal likes and dislikes interfere with your ability to find a gift for someone else, it’s about what they like or what would make them happy.

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