spreading pretty: donating to hurricane florence victims

‘tis the season for giving and caring. our community means so much to us, and we are so grateful to be able to give back. we help charities throughout the year, but below you’ll have the chance to read a letter from one that pulled at our heartstrings.

it seems that we focus on the news as it’s happening but then we tend to forget about the struggles people are facing right here in our own community. this fall, hurricane florence hit the nc coast with some strong winds, misplacing families and destroying several communities, businesses and schools. we took some time out of our day to sort through items in our warehouse for outdated, unused, and unsellable items – sometimes a missing zipper or a monogram with the wrong initials just doesn’t seem like a big deal when it goes to someone in need of a bag! we donated several items to a clinic

fast forward a few weeks, and we received a letter from the nunnelee pediatric specialty clinic giving us a little insight to how those bags were used. we are so glad our company was able to participate in a chance to help our local carolinians. here’s the letter we received!



As our community slowly moves forward with recovery from hurricane Florence, there have been many incredible ways that the community has been helping one another. It is important that you know that Buckhead Betties has been an important part of the recovery efforts here, and I wanted to just say thanks again for your generosity.

Our Nunnelee Pediatric Specialty Clinic is a special part of New Hanover Regional Medical Center, and we serve 14+ counties. There are, and will continue to be, incredible needs from our patients and from our hospital family. The NHRMC organization has been instrumental in helping to ensure that the community has healthcare needs met, but the organization has also set up a Strom Recovery Center to help the 7000 employees that work for the organization. The recovery center has items such as cleaning products, diapers, food, toiletries, and more and is open to help anyone that works for the organization. Helping employees with their needs then allows for the organization to help keep the community healthy and recovery moving forward.

While working in the Storm Recovery Center it became extremely obvious that the plastic grocery bags, that we were using to help people pack up things like diapers, bleach, and clothes, were not strong enough to hold the needed supplies. Many of the NHRMC team members do not have transportation and travel by bus to get to work, and not having a way to carry the supplies was becoming an added burden, and that’s when I thought we have Buckhead Betties bags that would help with this dire situation. The bags have been a tremendous help and have not only been a true life saver for many, but have also added a tiny bit of something pretty, during a not so pretty situation.

We had one mother very pregnant mother that filled a pretty pink bag with baby clothes, because she had lost her roof and all the items from her baby shower during the storm. Another lady came to the Storm Recovery Center and had just been told that her apartment complex was being condemned, and that she had to move out that night. We were able to give her a large laundry bag and (I think it is called) the Cantina bag to help pack up what was left of her belongings out and move in with her great Aunt. We also had a gentleman that came in and had not been able to return home due to the continued flooding in his home. He was very hesitant to come into the Storm Recovery Center, because as he stated “there are so many people that need it more than I do,” but once he was convinced to come in, he let the team know that his biggest need was toiletries. As we helped him get some simple personal care items, I remembered that we had some men’s dopp kits from Buckhead Betties, and retrieved one for his items. The expression on his face of joy and thanks will not soon be forgotten.

The Buckhead Betties bags have been more than just a way to carry around and organize things. The bags have been a life line to help people recover from the devastation that has occurred and we are extremely grateful. Thank you for your generosity and please know that everything that you have shared has gone to help someone in need.

Best wishes and great thanks,
Neesha N. Allen
Pediatric Patient Navigator
Nunnelee Pediatric Specialty Clinic
510 Carolina Bay Drive, Suite 200
Wilmington, NC 28403

pulling directly from the letter, we are glad to spread a little pretty in a not so pretty situation. thank you for shopping with us so we can give back throughout the year!

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