the big reveal: we’re merging brands!

we’re in full on celebration mode here at bettie hq! we’ve been busting with excitement over this big news. for years, bargain chicks and buckhead betties have worked alongside one another to bring you the best in boutique style apparel, tote bags, beach accessories and jewelry galore. buckhead betties has focused on a wholesale clientele, while the bargain chicks outlet sales have catered to masses.

the two companies are now joining forces to bring you even more, never before seen items! we have nearly doubled our selection with the edition of home décor, more boutique apparel and a greater variety of travel bags than ever before.

you’ll still find the same great stuff at really great prices… up to 70% off retail to be exact, there’ll just be more to choose from and more locations to shop! our current cities include greensboro nc, raleigh nc and greenville sc with plans to add even more cities in the coming year… so stay tuned, and don’t fret, if you can’t make it to the sales, we will still offer a huge selection of our fabulous pieces at amazing prices on our website

(plus, you can sign up for our online only deals and grab deals throughout the year!)

our selection isn’t the only thing expanding…

we’re ramping up our philanthropic efforts as well. each outlet sale, we will strive to feature a #bettiegivesback initiative in which we will partner with local non-profits to raise funds for their important work. join us as we make a difference in the lives of those in need!

but wait, there’s more! we’re also growing our team of bhb enthusiasts with our #beabettie ambassador program. we are joining forces with friend-loving, fashion-loving and fun-loving women to promote our brand and nearby outlet sales. free swag for simply sharing your love for these great products… yes please!

we can’t wait for this new adventure. these two companies are a match made in heaven and we hope you will love this combo as much as we do.

never been to one of the outlet sales? here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll see!

tell us what you think and if you’ll be visiting an outlet sale this spring!

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  1. Mallory Heffron

    Who carries you product in San Antonio Tx?

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