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like so many others, my new year’s resolution is to be more organized – my life, my home, work, the kids, bills, etc. clear out the clutter. figure out a budget and stick to it. plan weekly meals for my family of four. it’s time to get it together. after searching the blogosphere for ideas, products and apps, i’ve got a good plan together.

first things first, purchase a personal planner. i’m a visual person. i find it satisfying to check things off, scratch it off as done and move along. there are so many cute and fun planners out there. i adore the planners from filofax, webster’s pages, and kikki.k. they allow me to keep all my notes, appointments, seasonal schedules, lists and reminders in one place. a bowl full of lemons has fantastic ideas and suggestions for keeping your planner organized. i’ve also downloaded the app remember the milk. remember the milk is brilliant app available for free from itunes. it helps me see tasks nearby like that milk i need to pick up from the grocery store, organize schedules and see how many tasks i have for the next day and help me plan my day.

next up, meal planning. i’m a pinterest addict. sitting in the airport waiting for my next flight – pinning. waiting in the doctor’s office – pinning. sitting in bed late at night trying to fall asleep – pinning. you get the idea. so while i may have over 5,000 pins in my food and drinks board. that doesn’t exactly help me figure out what i’m going to cook each night of the week or figure out what i need to buy for those recipes. that’s where the bigoven app comes in. it’s available on itunes for free but there are in-app purchases you can make to upgrade your account. bigoven allows you to search their recipe database, add the ingredients to a shopping list and even see the nutritional value of each recipe. you can also add your own recipes and create a shopping list from there. there’s even a use up leftovers option! genius.

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