we’re moving

we’re moving My rating: 4.9 out of 5

from bare walls to the beauty that is our new showroom. the transformation has been tremendous. if you are unaware, our atlanta showroom is moving, but not far. we are now going to be just around the corner, in building 2, floor 6, showroom 696!

why did we move? we were outgrowing our old home – we added some square footage, which is good news for our customers. as our line keeps expanding, so does our showroom. we are adding more and more apparel every season. what started as one shirt style and one dress style, has turned into 8 styles of shirts, 7 dresses, 5 tunics, 2 skirts, shorts, pants, and that doesn’t even include the kids apparel! we can’t help but be excited for this branch of our brand to keep expanding.

no worries, our bag line isn’t going anywhere. 14 years strong, our bags are what make our company. we’ll keep our top sellers, those you can’t get enough of, like our weekender, train case, open tote, and canvas tote (you know – that grab and go gift). we continue to add new styles and try new things. have you seen this season’s durry line? that gold? AMAZING! how about the reversible circle tote? yep, our styles are changing and our customers are loving it!

back to the showroom… another perk of the address change is the fact we now have a great view of the escalators – giving us more reach to customers that have never wandered down the hall to our old showroom. we are surrounded by 3 walls of windows, and we fill every inch with color, pattern, and product. if our showroom doesn’t catch your eye… well, who are we kidding?

take a look for yourself at some of the transition pictures and tell us what you think of our new space! we can’t wait for our spring line to launch and be in stores everywhere. see you in january!

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