retail roundtable – 5 ways to boost sales this fall!

after the back-to-school rush, many retailers are left with beautifully merchandised stores filled to the gills with new fall items. we as consumers know how hard it is to get in the fall mindset when temps are spiking up in the ‘80s & the holidays still seem so far away. so we’ve come up with 5 ways to boost sales in your shop this season by increasing the traffic in your store!

  1. get ahead by creating a 30 day plan for your social media. post and share daily specials, early access to events, exciting finds from your trip to market, and sneak peeks of new lines and items headed to the store.
  2. schedule a fall open house. have a crock pot with apple cider going and maybe tie up a cute little s’more pack to go and serve light fall snacks. have a few in-store promotions and offer giveaways to the first 50 customers (raffles are always exciting too) as an added bonus to get people in the door!
  3. team up with a local organization or school sports department and cross-promote a weekend event where a portion of the proceeds goes back to the local school or organization. it’s a win-win for both!
  4. host a “holiday wish list” day. have your customers stop in on a select date and pick out several items they would love to find wrapped under the tree. then email their special someone with their favorite finds and a coupon that is good for two weeks.
  5. people love to feel appreciated. pick up the phone and call your top 15 customers and let them know they get 15% off all new arrivals for the next two weeks, just for being a loyal customer.

let us know if these tips help boost sales in your store!

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