whimzee back to school

whimzee: an A+ collection

the kids are getting bored, your vacation time is all used up, and the sunburn is just setting in. is summer really coming to an end already? although it’s a kid’s worst nightmare, we are so ready for back to school season! backpacks, notebooks, and pencils galore. not to mention, having to find that perfect first day outfit for each one of the kids. as stressful as it is, we are counting down the days.

we don’t want you to dread this time of year, so we’re releasing a fall pattern just a little earlier than we’ve ever done before. introducing whimzee, what we like to call an A+ collection! what does that mean for you? it’s adorable, so it’s picture-perfect for that tween in your life. she’ll have all the other girls drooling over her lunch tote and pencil case… what more could a middle-schooler want?

soon, we’ll release our fall apparel, and she’ll need just about everything we offer. even better? we’ve got matching patterns in your size! hello fall photos! here’s a sneak peek at a kaitlyn dress and a chloe shirt coming to a store near you and our website late august!

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