twinning in the betties’ office!

every august, biological twins from all over the world gather in twinsburg, ohio for twins day festival! we have a running joke in the betties’ office that you have to be related to twins in one way or another to make the team, so we have a quite the fascination with twins.

here’s how we break it down…

our president and owner, debbie, has twin nieces and nephews – on different sides of the family! lauren, our marketing guru, is a twin (fun fact: they were born on their mother’s birthday!). autumn, our website and purchasing expert, has 12 year old twins – one boy and one girl! lizzie, or as we call her, baby bettie, is dating an identical twin and has cousin twins. julie, the sales girl/fashionista, has a twin mom. stephanie, our newest bettie and customer service gal, has twin cousins. magz, our outspoken, fun-loving sales girl, is married to an identical twin, and has twins of her own – also one boy and one girl!

need a chart to keep up?

did you know that only 1 in 34 births are twins in the us? so, could you make the cut in the betties’ office? if twins run in your family or you just love them as much as we do, share your connection in the comments!

want to know more about twins day? click here to find out all about the festival!

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