tech savvy – top 10 free apps

with a new iphone release every year, and hundreds of apps being created every day, it’s impossible to sift through everything to know what apps will help you stay on top of everything. we’ve done the dirty work for you and compiled a list of the top ten free apps to download now. from daily weather reports to finance and fitness, we’ve pretty much covered it all (assuming you already have facebook, instagram, pinterest, etc.).

  1. weather underground – this free weather reporting app will forecast the next 10 days for you, and has worldwide capability. not only will it alert you to severe weather, but you also get crowd-sourced weather updates in real-time from others using the app nearby.
  2. fitbit – don’t worry, you don’t need to own a fitbit tracker to use this awesome app. you can track your weight, sleep habits, daily hydration levels, log your meals, as well as count your daily steps and calories burned. you can even connect with friends on the app and set fitness goals, or crush them with yours. just sayin.’
  3. picsart – this photo editing & collage making app will be your new favorite photo tool. with countless filters, stickers and text/image overlays, your options are endless and your selfie game will be strong.
  4. spotify – as if you don’t already have this. seriously, download it now. this isn’t just any music-streaming app. you can select the song you want to hear, and create/share playlists from this app. there is also a great shuffle mode, as well as an offline option.
  5. itranslate converse – another take on the popular itranslate app (also free), this foolproof app will translate 38 different languages in real time. simply hold and speak then release for translation.
  6. touchnote – this app accesses your photo library so you can send postcards to anyone, anywhere in the world (postage is free). a great way to bring a smile to someone’s face at no cost!
  7. mint – this is another if you don’t already have it, get it, app. easily manage multiple bank and credit accounts all in one place, and track spending habits, set goals, stick to budgets, bill pay, and check your credit score. score!
  8. ibotta – start saving your weekly grocery receipts. this app gives you cash back for buying things you already buy, like groceries. shop from almost any store and select the items on your shopping list, submit the receipt and voila, money in your pocket. it’s really that easy.
  9. nowait – a mobile waitlist for thousands of restaurants, you can easily browse nearby restaurants and view the current wait times for a table. once you add yourself to the list, you will get a text when your table is ready!
  10. waze – this community-based traffic and navigation app will be your new go-to on your morning commute or next road trip. view user-submitted travel times and route details as well as where to find the cheapest gas on your route.

what are your favorite apps that make life easier?



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