spring break essentials, bettie style

it’s no secret that southerners don’t do winter. it’s just not one of our strengths. this season has been particularly brutal here in nc…i mean snow in march is just unnatural. at bettie hq, we are d-o-n-e , done with the cold and we’re ready for some warm sunshine. thankfully, spring break is next week so many of the gals in the office are high tailing it outta here to enjoy a quick trip to the coast.

we asked some of the bettie crew what bag they can’t live without for spring break travel. here’s what they chose:

stephanie, aka hot mess mom

“when you’re mommin’ hard you gotta have a bag that can keep up. gone are the days when i’d pack up my little beach bag and towel and head out for a full day of blissful, undisturbed relaxation on the beach. those days become a distant memory when you start a family and you have your kids in tow. the answer to a mother’s packing prayers and free hands is the eva bag. i can’t live without this thing on trips. i pack it full of travel essentials-sheets, towels, kids toys/books/stuffed animals-you name it, and then use it for dirty clothes for the duration of our stay. for the beach, this big beauty has no problem fitting plenty of toys, towels, snacks, sippy cups, suntan lotion, travel potties, a change of clothes…you catch my drift.”

lizzie, aka baby bettie

“the bigshot bag is a newer style bettie bag that i have completely fallen in love with. it’s like a compact eva…similar in fabric and design but just not as big, which is just what i need. it has plenty of room for me to fit my towels, book, water bottle and hat for a day on the beach. i typically throw in one of our zipper bag sets to match. the bigger bag is perfect for suntan lotions, sunglasses case and snacks.  i keep smaller items like my cell phone, chapstick, and earbuds in the mini-bag. both zip tight for safe keeping, because everyone knows there’s nothing worse than finding your cell phone face first in the sand!”

magz, aka the overpacker

“i’m a self-proclaimed over packer. my motto is the bigger, the better when it comes to totes and travel bags. i like to have variety when i travel, and i pack multiple outfits to fit my mood. the jetsetter is my go to bag for trips. it has enough space to fit a weeks-worth of clothing, shoes, and get-away necessities. even if i’m only staying the weekend, i know i’ve got all my fashion bases covered. i typically pair it with a bbb05. i can use this tote as my purse during travel and transition it to my beach bag upon arrival. the 2 exterior side pockets and inner zip pocket make it the perfect beach bag.”

no matter where you are in life, we’ve got a bag to fit your needs. check out our selection!

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