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give a little

give a little…..
winston churchill once said “we make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” buckhead betties believes that giving back should not only be done locally but beyond our own borders. on a recent trip this past january, eighteen students from greensboro day school travelled to san ramon, nicaragua to deliver bags donated by buckhead betties to the children at a local school in jicaro. the students spent seven days visiting with the children, traveling to a cocoa coop in el tuma, hiking in la pita, and learning how to make nacatamales and roast coffee. student ann-wilson brown said that when delivering the bags the “kids were smiling from ear to ear, filling up the tiny one-room school. they were anxiously waiting to receive their bags.” the students from gds helped the children to write their names and decorate the bags and fill them with crafts they had created together.

the experience touched not only the lives of the young children, but the teachers, parents and students as well. to see the faces of the children clutching their bags is one ann-wilson will cherish for years to come and carry forward in her life – “one little bag that traveled around the world but made one kid smile was a memorable moment.”

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