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game-day glam: tailgating dress musts

girls putting on their best lbb’s, boots and pearls stand alongside men wearing khakis with tucked-in button-ups and bowties. anticipation is in the air and the fervor is growing.

this isn’t a fancy event or church service. these fashionable fans are ready to kick off another college football saturday in the south. in the south, you dress up for whatever you take pride in. and that could be anything from family dinners to a visit to grandma’s house. add a crowd and there’s all the more reason to look your best. they say college football is a national phenomenon, but here in the south, it’s like a religion.

whether you are a carolina tarheel, a georgia bulldog or you’re yelling “roll tide” after ‘bama scores a touchdown, a saturday in the sec normally means you’re in front of a television arguing over commentary or you’re in a stadium, cheering with your friends. and there’s no way you’re wearing jeans and a team shirt.
we can’t talk about the importance of fashion in the sec and not talk about what football means to the south. it’s the game of football that has families gathered around the television screaming over each field goal and fumble. football brings friends together even if they’re cheering on opposite sidelines. tailgating gives us the chance to bring out our best – whether it be those crowd pleasing recipes or our best outfits that score a second glance.

game-day glam has given rise to boutiques such as it’s sew wright, an family-owned store in greenville, nc that’s been selling trendy tailgate attire for women since 2008. owner tammy wright has an eye for not only every day fashion but she knows what girls are looking for on game day. women are tired of jeans and jerseys. they want dresses, maxi skirts, and prints galore.

when it comes to dressing up for football, there are some crucial dos and don’ts. talk to many female college fans and they’ll give you the same advice: keep it classy. you’re representing the entire university when you step out to tailgate. always dress in school colors, use accessories to dress up any outfit, and above all, be smart about your footwear. leave those heels at home and grab those boots. if you can’t walk from the car to the stadium comfortably, you’ll end up regretting it. heels may look super cute but you’ll only end up with blistered feet.

the sec kicks off the 2016 season on september 3rd. what will you be wearing?

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