bettie-go-round! and boy does the life of a bettie go round and round! betties are full of happiness, grace and gumption. betties are working moms, stay-at-home moms, students, daughters, friends, sisters, and more. we are girls ready for life’s next adventure! this pattern reflects the life of a bettie always on the go but always ready for a good time! every bettie needs a pop of color in the busy days of life. betties are not boring and neither are the accessories we wear!

bettiegoround miniwith any of our bettie-go-round accessories all you need to grab is a little bright pink lipstick, a smile and that go get’em attitude! the right accessory can change an entire outfit and your attitude the same way that favorite taylor swift song can start your day off right! so shake off that ho hum attitude and get ready to take on the world! every day is an adventure – whether it’s the first day of school, starting a new job or just surviving a day with the kids. let’s be honest, life gets busy and some days we are lucky to remember to brush our hair running out the door. but grab that bettie-go-round scarf, throw it over that basic white t-shirt and you will look anything but basic!

so put on that bettie-go-round top, scarf or tote and get ready for today! let’s just hope the world is ready for the betties!

i hope your day is full of color, adventure and some sweet sunshine!


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